Join us as a partner and help shape our community by bringing Alaskans together through live performance.

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You have been there in the theatre. You've almost certainly felt it - the powerful feeling of joining with a thousand Alaskans in a darkened theatre for an inspiring, shared experience. A renewed connection with a friend or loved one because of a concert at the center of your night out.

There is an abundance of options for what we can do with our time. What we lack is opportunity for connection. In live performance we find reprieve from a digital, disjointed, on-demand world. Think of the performing arts as a campfire around which we connect with one another and discover greater meaning in our lives. You can ignite these connections by contributing to the Anchorage Concert Association.

You make it possible for people to come together around great performers like Bruce Hornsby and Jake Shimabukuro, but there's so much more. Because it's about more than just the sale of a ticket, an artist like Martha Redbone came to Covenant House Alaska to share her messages around Native identity with at risk youth. With your support, Women of the World sang and spread their message of equality and compassion at an event co-hosted by ACA and YWCA Alaska. Most recently, your donation brought the legendary Hawaiian group HAPA to Anchorage to perform at a house concert, a social event with the local Hawaiian Civic Club, and a workshop with a high school class. All of this in addition to a performance on Friday night that brought relief and healing after a long week. Only with donations from individuals like you is it possible for artists like these to visit Alaska.

We're not just inviting you in the door to see a show. We're inviting you to join us as a partner in helping shape our community by bringing Alaskans together through live performance. Please make a gift to the Anchorage Concert Association.

Donate to ACA and your name will be among those listed in our program who have made an investment in connection and community.